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    Has anybody seen world cyclist Harrie Bloemen?

    Is there anybody out there that might have some information about the whereabouts of Harrie Bloemen, world cyclist? Harrie was last seen in Nancy, France in September 2009 and was heading south (Portugal?) on his black Red Bull bicycle with red Ortlieb panniers.
    Any info greatly appreciated. Mail to:
    More info on: - what a wonderful world tour - cycling around the world since July 2006

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    From Adventure Cycling Bike Bits Vol. 12, No. 8, April 21, 2010

    Do you happen to remember the 1955 Alfred Hitchcock comedy/suspense movie
    of that name? Well, luckily, things turned out better for Harry Bloemen
    than they did for the Harry in the Hitchcock film. You may recall
    that, in the previous edition of Bike Bits, we reported Mr. Bloeman had
    gone missing while on tour in France. Leo from that country wrote to tell
    us that the Dutchman is, in fact, alive and well. "Harry was traced to a
    campsite in Portugal," Leo wrote. "His brother, Fons, contacted the Dutch
    foreign ministry after not hearing from Harry for months. Fons said the
    ministry heard from the consulate in Lisbon that he had renewed his
    passport there just a little earlier, and from there he was traced to this
    campsite." Leo added this from a personal note Fons wrote to him: "Harry
    has been riding 'round the world on his little bike now for thirty
    years. Whether he was overtired or confused, I don't know, but for us it
    was good to hear he was well." Thanks to Leo, and to several other alert
    readers, for updating us on the whereabouts of Harry. Now, in case you
    have NOT seen the classic Hitchcock flick, check it out here:

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