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    Moving my shifters.

    Where do you get a GOOD shifter holder to fit a stem? Or top tube.

    I am thinking about taking off my bar end shifters and moving to "tube" shifters.
    Take a set of down tube shifters and place them on the top tube.

    FYI: I am having trouble getting a set of 'take offs' from Kelly so I have not tried that approach
    AND, I want to dump my drop bar and stick with click/friction shifters(exp -Shamino 600)
    Square wheels need not apply

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    Why not just get a set of stem shifters -- There are Shimano SIS index ones and many friction models (including Suntour ratcheting) available cheap. I bet if you asked there is a BF member who might send you one for free or for the cost of postage. Heck I would be willing to send you a set for postage.

    How many speeds is your rear cluster?

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