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    Cycling the European end to end.

    Iím off on the 3rd of May starting from Tarifa, the most southerly point on mainland Europe and going to Nordkkap at the north of Norway.
    I have cycled all over Europe and across most countries but apart from the Pyraneese and the Basque country I have little experience of cycling in Spain.

    I was wondering if any of you may have experience of cycling in the south and middle of the country, I would be particularly interested in any advice on a good route from Tarifa to Toulouse in France. From that point on Iím on familiar territory.

    Iím not sure whether to go inland or hug the coast.

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    I don't know if any of these will help you but here are 24 links about bike touring in Spain.

    Visit the on-line Bike Touring Archive at

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    Gordon P
    I‘ve dreamed of doing a similar adventure, so I am very envious! I haven’t cycled in southern Spain but I have traveled the region a few times by backpack and from what I remember the landscape (with the exception of AndalucŪa) is not very interesting compared to other parts of Spain. However, places like Seville, Cordova, Merida and Badajoz are worth a visit. I did cycle for a few months in Portugal and central and northern Spain and the Sierra de Gredos region was fantastic as well as parts of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. I also went through the mountains north from Madrid straight up to Burgos and over to the Pyrenees twice and I found the back roads fascinating. Also towns like Segovia, Salamanca, El Escorial, Bilbao and San Sebastian are worth visiting if you pass by.

    I imagine you are looking for a direct route rather then a meander; but the Route de la Plata is worth investigating as well as the main route of the Camino – for the culture and the people. I crossed the Pyrenees at Irun/Biarritz and at Jaca/Pau and the later route was more interesting but more challenging. In regards to cycling the coast - the part that I cycled was from Fisterra to Porto and it was great but from Bilbao to Bayonne up to Nantes along the coast and it was not so nice. In regards to France, I’ve spent many months meandering around and most parts are a joy to cycle.

    Conversely, I used to live in Bergen, Norway and my living room window looked out on the Hurtigruten ferry terminal and everyday I would see a differet ferry arrive and disembark and I always wanted to go up to the North!

    If you blog let me know!
    Gordon p
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