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    Which of these? Norco VFRX 3 ($650) - Fisher Montare ($900) - Marin 29erTrail ($860)

    Which of the bikes listed below should I get?

    I am going on a 30 day / 1800km touring trip in Europe, also want to get back into trail biking in general so looking for a crossover/trail bike as opposed to a dedicated touring bike. Here is my old thread

    I looked for a bit for bike rentals in France and they are charging like $15 Euros / day, which would cost me $600+ CA for the trip, Yikes! Unless I can find a rental place that is much cheaper (like <$300 for a decent bike) it's more worth it to bring my bike with me like my uncle is doing for the trip.

    What do you think of these bikes? (previously only owned cheaper CCM $400 bike, have not ridden in a while). Uncle is bringing a Cannondale Caffeine F3.

    Norco VFR Cross 3 used for $650 (including rear rack, panier bags and a handlebar bag) (for sale by owner)


    Gary Fisher Montare the salesman was going to give me for $900 (in store) (it might have been the cheaper Utopia, don't remember)


    Marin Alpine Trail 29er $860 (in store)

    Also will be getting all gear so the paniers and bags in the first sale looked promising and overall ~$300 cheaper than the other two, whereas I can maybe strike a good deal at a store if I buy all gear there (helmet, clip shoes, clip pedals, speedometer, bike shorts, bags) and end up with a better bike. Max budget for everything is $1,500.

    Any other recommendations? Or perhaps is someone in the Greater Toronto Area looking to sell a bike like these and/or or gear? Is there a sell/buy section in the forum I should post in?

    Thanks a lot!
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