I am highly considering selling my Road Bike, a Felt F85, that I bought 2 years ago new. It's a real nice road bike, but unfortunately I live in Toledo, OH and well, if you know anything about Toledo, the roads arent really set well for road bikes.

I also have a Trek 800 that is about 13 years old which I find myself riding much more frequently due to the roads / routes I take to get to campus and to do some commuting around for shopping and such.

Also, I am by no means planning on races of any type at the moment and I'm not a Mountain biker nor do I ever plan to hit the mountain bike trails other than as a route to get where I am going.

What I think I'm looking for is a cyclo bike. Durable enough to get offroad on well used dirt and gravel trails and not oversized for road riding.

From reading thru this forum and the cyclocross forum I've found a couple I like.

Cross Check
Masi Speciale CX

Are these the kind of bikes I should be looking at? I enjoy my road bike, but need more versatility than it offers. I would like to do some long rides (even a few days with camping) but for the most part, I'll use it quite a bit to commute as well which will be over road and some offroad (shortcuts of course)

thoughts, comments, and advice would be much appreciated