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    Cinelli Spinaci experience?

    does anyone have any experience using a set of Cinelli Spinaci's (or the Performance version) on a tour? i'm looking for some added hand positioning and i picked a set up for $10. they used to be a hot item in road cycling but then the UCI made them illegal and they've fallen heavily out of fashion.

    anyway, i know the best thing to do is ride them and see how I like them, but i figured i'd see if anyone had any long distance experience on them. this is what i'm talking about: (mine aren't gaudy like that)
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    I used to have them on my LHT. I used them when i rode across Australia.
    I got them for extra hand positions like you mentioned.

    Firstly, I couldn't install them like you have in the picture because it gets in the way of my saddle bag. the Blue extension part had to be vertical to clear the bag.
    Secondly, I found them too close together to be stable when you have a full load in your front panniers.

    Over 21 days i used them for a total of about 5 minutes.

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