I just received Taiga Gortex cycle gaiters in the mail. I haven't used them yet, but I put them on over my cycling shoes (Shimano mountain bike style shoes with recessed cleat). I am surprised that the gaiter does not come down far enough along the inside or outside of the shoe to cover the arch region or outside wall of the shoe upper! My wife's pair are cut the same...leather upper visible!

The fabric almost comes down far enough to allow dripping water to land on the sides of the rubber sole, but a significant gap is present that looks like water is sure to enter, at least from splash coming upward if not dripping from above. Otherwise, the gaiters appear well made, nicely seamed sealed and waterproof zipper, nice reinforced toe box, etc. Picture available at the link show better coverage along the side than what ours allow in reality.


Has anyone used Taiga's Gortex gaiters? Did they keep feet dry, especially along the inside and outside aspects of the mid-foot? If working well, what shoes are you using (road bike, MTB shoes, sandals)?

What gaiters do you find most effective. I've tried Serfas, and toes were wet within 4 miles. Now, with Taiga's, I'm concerned they will "leak" along the sides.

Thanks for any experiences.