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    Friendly Flag Badge trade?

    I have 2 spare Canada flag patches that are 2" x 4" I was wondering if anyone was interested in a cross border swap, I also have a 1.5"x3" Province Of Ontario patch if anyone is interested in a swap. Just a friendly trade if anyone is interested.

    And should anyone from Atlanta wish to swap, I might remind you in case you forgot the '92 World Series, that the Maple Leaf is pointed up on our flag LOL Though when the poor Cadets came to Toronto for the next game they set a crowd record for noise when they managed to walk oout without having aour flag upside down, we were ticked at first about that one because we were already getting baseball fans ire because the world series was in Canada for the first time when we found out they hung the flag like the because they though it was supposed to be like it was hanging from a tree we just had a good old time with it
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