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    Dynamo durrability / best for a touring bike

    I'm very attracted to the dynamo for touring idea, as it will provide power I may be able to use if I can figure out how to harness it

    Also are they durrable for paved road touring and daily commuting?

    I'm also looking at solor rechargers for the same reasons, If I can get away from needing to carry extra battries (if my kid is with me... battries will die FAST!!)

    Just trying to find all my options. Battery powered stuff tends to die around me as I can never remember to carry enough of the right sizes...
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    my $.02 is that you'll have more success managing your power usage than trying to duplicate a power outlet for charging batteries. I've only used the SON dynos but the facts are that if you want to recharge many 2600mah AA batteries it's going to take hours of riding and you WILL notice the slight drag when it's being asked to provide power. The SON has no perceptible drag when not providing power but when it's putting out 3watts there is a slight drag likeriding with tires underinflated 15lbs.

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