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    New York - Boston October 2011 - a Brit Abroad

    Good Morning to you all. I'm hoping for a little advice and help

    In October 2011 my wife and three of her girlfriends, who now live in the US, are planning a "road trip" from New York to Boston. I think the other ladies will be travelling further and meeting up with my wife in New York.

    I'm thinking of joining them but as a cycle tour rather than car trip so I'm looking for a little general advice to help the initial decision. From doing a little research it looks as though a section of the Atlantic Coast route would be a good basis for planning. The reviews look good, are they realistic?

    Thinking more practically I'd like to get an idea of the potential weather conditions, I have this vision of wonderful autumn colour and bright, cool days. Secondly I'm wondering whether to bring my own bike or if it is possible to hire a quality touring bike in NY? My final concern at the moment is if I were to bring my own bike how simple / difficult will it be to get from say JFK, La Gardia or Newark out in to cycle friendly territory? Would chosing the a particular airport make this easier? I haven't been to NY for 30 years and I imagine it's busy!!

    I'm 56, experienced club rider, happy to ride 80-90 miles at 14/15 mph with the club and usually tour at around 50-70 miles per day depending on the terrain, areas of interest etc. I tend to travel quite light with just two small panniers and use B&Bs or small hotels for accomodation.

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    I'd bring your own bike and pack light. I packed by bike and stuff into a soft sided bag when I flew from Boston to Hearthrow and it worked out fantastically. The section on packing is a bit down the page.

    As far as getting out of NYC I can't offer any specific route advice, however, I'd consider using the Subway to get through most of the city. Also, what about heading west along Long Island and take a ferry from the end of it to new London CT and then just head up up to Boston

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    I haven't been to NY for 30 years and I imagine it's busy!!
    Things have gotten better bike-wise in the last 30 years.

    JFK has a train that goes between the airport terminals and the outside world. You can take your bike on it. It will cost you $5, if you get out at either Howard Beach or Jamaica. The Lefferts Blvd stop will put you on the street for free.

    I've done the NYC-Boston route in 2 days as a club ride (110 miles/day). We go out on Long Island and take the New London-Orient Point Ferry. I've also gone by way of Connecticut and prefer the LI route.

    The Long Island Rail Road allows you to carry your bike on its off-peak commuter trains. This means you can take the Air Train to Jamaica for $5 and take an LIRR train as far away from NYC as you wish. Trains run hourly to Ronkonkoma, which is 60 miles from Orient Point.

    New York State publishes a pretty good bike suitability map for Long Island.

    Connecticut also publishes a bike map.

    Ditto for Rhode Island

    You will need the Connecticut map to figure out how to cross the I95 bridge from New London to Groton.

    After sleeping over in Groton, the route I used to take to Boston was as follows:

    CT 184 to CT 216
    CT 216 to RI 216
    RI 216 to Ashaway & RI 3
    RI 3 to RI 33
    RI 33 to RI 116
    RI 116 to RI 104
    RI 104 to RI 126
    RI 126 to MA 126
    MA 126 to MA 109
    MA 109 to Boston City Limits

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