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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemY View Post
    My legs, particularly my knees, don't care for the motion and prefer a slightly lower seat.
    hey, whatever works best for your knees. I, however, am the opposite. I really notice a low seat and my knees immediately feel better when a seat is at my optimal height. When too low, its like certain knee muscles or ligaments get "overworked" (for want of a better word) and they hurt. When at the right height, its an immediate "ahhhh" as they stretch out to their full extension and they feel better right away.

    good riding at whatever seat height

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    Quote Originally Posted by late View Post
    1) Strengthen the core.

    2) Pay for a proper fitting.

    3) You may need a size larger.
    Most pro fitters will charge you for a "performance" fit. Not necessarily the best for touring.

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