I have no connection to the seller, but thought some in the group might be interested: there's a very nice Co-Motion "OR" Co-Pilot S&S frame on Ebay right now (item #230579845391). Currently at $225 with reserve not met.

I have a bike built around this same frame and it builds up into a really nice touring bike (see my build at http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/p...id=178342&v=1t). I swapped out the suspension fork that came with mine and added a Surly LHT 26" fork. It rides very nicely loaded.

Anyway, if you are looking for a 26" touring bike, you might want to check it out. I'm guessing the seller might be a bit unrealistic with his reserve, as he links to the $2500 Co-Motion Pangea, which is a totally different frame. But, who knows? I got mine on Ebay three years ago for around $500, including an S&S case.