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Touring Have a dream to ride a bike across your state, across the country, or around the world? Self-contained or fully supported? Trade ideas, adventures, and more in our bicycle touring forum.

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Old 05-09-12, 12:59 AM   #26
Ranger Dan
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Seven Expat S??
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Old 06-24-12, 11:58 PM   #27
Chris Pringle 
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Another one to add to this list is the Rodriguez UTB which you can get as custom/semi custom. Here is a review of mine.
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Old 06-25-12, 12:09 AM   #28
just going for a ride...
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If Surly Cross Check is on the list, how about Soma Double Cross?
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Old 07-31-12, 04:46 PM   #29
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Just a little suggestion to bring this into the 21st century how do you feel about this being a google doc? I feel like that would be more useful

See here:
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Old 12-20-12, 08:11 PM   #30
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I think the Moulton would be a worthy brand for your list. Course I'm biased having owned one for many a year.
They are toured all over the world successfully though and I think most come from the factory as "separable" so they break down for easy shipping. I'm not sure if a particular model is needed as all of their models are toured with from the budget to their top of the line versions.
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Old 01-09-13, 10:40 PM   #31
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It's all Asian contract Export and US brands.. Nothing from 'across the Pond' and Europe.

Moultons are a start..

Koga Miyata (NL), Tout Terrain (D), Thorn (UK) Berthoud (F)

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Old 01-11-13, 10:13 PM   #32
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Does any one still have this file? When I go to the download site, it says the file has been removed. Has it been updated or moved?
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Old 01-17-13, 06:19 AM   #33
"part timer"
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^^^ I get a message "[h=3]Download not available[/h][h=4]The following download is not available:[/h]The file of the above link no longer exists. This could be for several reasons:
  • The file was deleted by the user who uploaded it.
  • The file contained illegal contents and was deleted from our servers by our Anti-Abuse team.
  • The link is incorrect.
  • The server is busy and can not process the request.

File not found.

Anyone know where it went?
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Old 06-16-13, 11:17 PM   #34
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I'm having the same problem too. I think the file just expired off the hosting would be easy for someone who has it to just reupload it or convert over to Google Docs (which I too prefer).

My suggestion is the Habanero's touring bike with disc brakes. Seems pretty stout, and it looks like they'd substitute any component you like (XT derailleur for example).
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Old 06-26-13, 10:18 AM   #35
Agent 9
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I just saw the last posts here and realized I had the file, I uploaded the original file to google docs, feel free to use it!

The original file:

The google docs link (needs to be edited a bit):
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Old 07-30-13, 05:31 PM   #36
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Khs tr 101 (2014?)

I recently ordered a KHS TR-101 expecting the black 2013 model off the KHS website. I ended up with this instead, I imagine this is the 2014 model, though I can't find anything to verify it up against. Either way they changed some of the parts up, and overall it looks nicer than the 2013 model posted on the website but it looks like they downgraded the pedals from a cheaper SPD M505 to some toe clips, ditched the tail light, changed the crankset to something shimano Octalink... switched from a Tiagra to a Alivio front derailleur and swapped the drop bars to bars with a shallower drop. The saddle feels like a pillow wrapped in Naugahyde and is something that would suit a beach cruiser. That said, the bike has a comfortable ride and is equipped with all the mounts you need for racks, though it is one bottle cage short. I paid 859 USD for the bike from LBS since this bike was part of their first order from KHS.

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Old 06-21-14, 07:44 PM   #37
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2014 updates to this list?

Originally Posted by Agent 9 View Post
I just saw the last posts here and realized I had the file, I uploaded the original file to google docs, feel free to use it!

The original file:

The google docs link (needs to be edited a bit):
Please keep me informed if this spreadsheet gets updated. I don't use Google Docs because of privacy.
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Old 08-05-14, 05:08 PM   #38
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Why does this have to be in file format? It's a cool idea but very lofty if the plan is to represent every production touring bike out there, in the world. Go for it but it seems like a quarter of the factory built bikes found in The Loaded Touring Bike Photo Gallery aren't represented. Anyway, why not simply list all of the bikes and the brand links within the first post of this thread? If someone wanted it for offline use they could simple copy & paste, to whatever.

…and for those looking at such a list for possibilities, remember: Just because builder X builds a bike, designating it as a "touring bike", doesn't inherently mean that it's any better for touring than a bike you may already own which isn't called a "touring bike" by the builder. There are so many cross bikes, town bikes, mountain bikes, etc. which would be outstanding, all dependent upon what the rider is looking for.
Ron - Washington
The Loaded Touring Bike - Photo Gallery
Since 2005 - Worldwide - No Ads - Just Inspiration
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Old 08-30-14, 05:28 PM   #39
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I was looking forward to seeing this list, but got the dreaded "404 - File Not Found"...
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