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    Trekking bars for a '08 Spec. TriCross - recommendations?

    Hey All & Good Evening!

    I want to change out the stock bars on my wife's '08 Specialized TriCross Sport to Trekking bars. Any suggestions as to brand/make of bars? Are some better than others or are the price variances out there based only on mfgr/retailer? The size is the standard 31.8mm. Also any input as far as tape/grips would be appreciated - she does get the buzzing in her hands intermittently on our local rides. We intend on this being her light weight tourer pulling the dog trailer and carrying the dog "stuff" along with a few personal items.

    Thanks all!


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    I have a set of the Nashbar trekking bars on one of my bikes and like them just fine. They are 25.4 dia. and on sale for 22.99 right now. I put the black foam tubes on mine that a lot of people hate, but they are nice and comfy to ride. I think nice thick, cushiony tape on the sides and up the front of the bars with some ergo grips closest to her would be nice.
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