We're planning a vacation for this October in Italy. We have rented a villa outside (west) of Siena, and 5 of 8 plan to do some riding. I've made several attempts to contact bicycle rental companies, but have received no response as yet... darn! I've also made some inquiries regarding routes in and around Siena, and haven't had much luck getting information. I'm sure I can go to Map-my-ride and find some suitable rides in the 50-100km range and I have no problem gettng around if I have a decent map. So I'm not particularly concerned, BUT ~~~~~
1) If anyone has a favorite ride/route there I would appreciate you forwarding the information. . . Coffee/Pastry/Gelato/Winery stops are particularly of interest
2) If anyone has a MUST DO ride, please let me know so I can plan to do it.
3) If you have any other advice or counsel you'd like to share about riding in Italy, I'm all ears.
I know the weather could be a mitigating factor. Hills are not a concern although I'm not interested in having a heart attack up some HC climb. We're also more interested in the local experience than the cycling distance, so 50-75 miles a day is MAX. If you have something special to share I'll be happy to go offline via email.