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    TransAm East to West Looking for companions

    Hey everyone,

    I was going to start my tour in Yorktown, VA and do the Transamerica route by ACA. I'm leaving in a week or two (depends on gear getting here mostly), and I figured to see if anyone were interested in joining me. I think it would be fun and exciting to go with several companions. Besides having someone to talk to on certain long stretches of the road (or even ride in silence), I think there's a lively characteristic that goes along with a group of strangers doing an amazing tour like the TransAm.

    I was looking to average around 60 miles a day, camp mostly, and eat at diners/locally. If you're interested in meeting up or whatnot, send me an email!

    Dave -
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    You're probably going to meet a bunch of riders doing the same route. You may already have checked out this ACA link for companions:
    2012 TransAm Tour journal link:

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