I'm leading a group tour in August (Northern Lake Champlain and Adirondacks) and hadn't realized the scarcity of paved roads in the northern Adirondacks. For this day I was planning on Franklin Cty 27 to Mountain View and then 26, but discovered Cty 26 (Port Kent - Hopkinton Tpke.) is the gnarliest "paved" road in the NE. I've considered suggesting riders bring a second set of tires (say 28, or even 32 if they'll fit). I was trying to avoid NY 30, but am wondering about 26 to Duane Center, 30 to Paul Smiths and then 31-30 to Onchiota or even braving 86 to 55 to Bloomingdale. What is that section of 30 like? Any other ideas? I'm also considering checking to see if we can get an outfitter to bring us MTBs for that stretch and ferry the road bikes.