I already posted a similar thread in response to a question raised earlier by a different poster. Figured I'd just throw it out there for all to see.. If you are riding with a droid or an iPhone (not sure about blackberries) there is an application you can download that lists over 13000 tent-friendly campsites. These range from state and city parks, through private campgrounds and rv parks.. Down to the downright obscure.. Gives you a quick interactive overview with pricing, reviews, photos, contact information, camp amenities.. It can lock onto your device using your mobile network and pinpoint you on a map.. It will list all the campgrounds in your area, as well as sporting goods and outdoor recreation stores, and if you wish, will direct you to them. Also works without a location fix. Type in the name of a city or town close by, and it will bring up the map for that region.

For anybody interested, here is a link to their site.. Talks a bit more in depth about it..


The application is maintained and updated, and costs 2 bucks.. Definitely can do without, but never hurts to have options..