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    Sawyer 2L walter filtration SP120

    going wilderness camping in a few weeks and I was told to bring a water filter. This link goes to a video clip review of the filter I bought, by someone I don't know. I thought it was a good review. anyone have real world experience with this filter?
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    My take on it is that it seems kind of expensive, isn't particularly light, and is likely to clog quickly if used in silty conditions.

    Reading online reviews seems to confirm that not only have users had early clogging, but back flushing was ineffective in clearing the clogs.

    I'll stick with my MSR Sweetwater or some other pump type filter. The Sweetwater isn't perfect, but It does have a prefilter and the filter is easily cleaned when it is clogged. It is slightly lighter, probably easier to clean, and much less expensive.

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