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Thread: 1987 Chesini

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    1987 Chesini

    Hey guys,

    I'm really worried i'm going to get shot by all of you for writing this, but as a noob to Bicycle touring i will give it a go.
    About 6 months ago i got (what i think is a) 1987 Chesini Olimpiade for 100€
    It's in great condition, but i don't have a picture of it!
    It is exactly like this bike, with same colours and everything. Almost same condition, only some scratches.


    I'm planning to do a bike touring trip (c. 600km) and want to know if it will hold out? I already plan on changing the tires and doing the obvious stuff. But i just want to know if this type of frame holds out? I know that the frame needs to be strong and hold out, but i am really not used to the idea of brining everything i need with me on a bike.
    I train (a lot) on this bike for triathlons, and it holds out very well against 2010 model bikes. But honestly, i can't see a frame this old holding up.
    Having said that, i looked in the "vintage touring bikes" thread and after seeing that i think this could do the globe 5 times (:

    Ps. Please don't hurt me

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    With a light load you won't have a problem.
    Use a seatpost rack, they're super easy to mount.
    I would get a stronger rear wheel with a 30mm deep rim and 36 spokes.
    Run the biggest, heaviest tires that will fit.
    By the way, I like the looks of your bike.

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    You´re totally OK. As said before, sturdy rims and appropriate tires most essential. If racks all over isnt your thing you might wanne consider a trailer? It doesnt have to be an issue, but the choice of saddle is also critical. To be honest, I´m more concerned about the bike itself. It seems to be a classic keeper - sure you wanne take on a hazardous road trip? Buy some very good locks!

    Didnt hurt a bit, did it?
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