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    first time tourer going to Iceland

    I am headed for my first tour ever this august for a month....and it will be in Iceland (please don't tell me I am crazy because the ticket is already booked and i cant change my mind now!). I have a Brodie Elan touring type bike and just have a couple questions. any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    -tires and route: our plan is to go up the east coast and if we are feeling confident dip down by akakuri(sp?) and head south back to reykjavik. i know it will be mostly pavement for the first bit but ive heard there are quite a lot of gravel and dirt roads (or all gravel/dirt/sand if we go through the interior). what kind/width tires should i have?
    -clothing: i have a down sweater, arcteryx jacket, yet to be determined rain pants, two pairs of cycling shorts (one capri, one short), leg warmers, two long sleeve merino wool tops, and am debating between two tshirts vs tanks to go under the long sleeves...i hate being hot....but will it ever be warm enough to be cycling or just hanging out in a tank top?
    -Lock: i have a heavy ULock and we were thinking of bringing a cable lock as well. should i scrap the heavy duty (and bricklike ULock) for something less secure? i am assuming bike theft is not as big a problem in town in iceland as it is in vancouver...

    i think that's it for now. any help would be AWESOME and greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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