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    J&G touring shorts--sans underpants?

    Just received these shorts in the mail today. Do you wear underwear under these? I was fully expecting not to, as logic would say you don't want the seams, extra layer, etc. however, I don't know what I was expecting. I though maybe there would be a liner or something. if I don't wear underwear and I sit with my leg up (on the grass lounging or what not after a hard ride) it seems as if I'd be exposing my junk to the world (or at least my immediate surroundings). Am I missing something here? I got these because I didn't want to have to wear underwear, but I'm puzzled. Thanks in advance

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    I dont have those J&G , but you may like boxer-briefs if you don't feel you need padding.

    I got some Jockey brand ones , Nylon .. flat felled 4 needle seams,
    so not lumpy.
    mixed mesh and other fabrics .

    1 pr mountain bike short , stretch panel across the back ,and as the insde leg.

    pockets and such. can bring and wash the liners on some trips.

    longer rides I still have Kucharek's Helenca Bike shorts , a non lycra fabric.
    I like them, too bad they ceased offering them.

    I recall seeing a Recumbent short, there is a strap and buckle
    at the bottom of the leg to keep it from
    scooping up air and bees into your privates, as well I suppose.
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    "Double sided wicking fleece pad is soft and comfortable and provides protection in the saddle area. It wicks moisture away from the body so you stay dry. Flat stitching in these bike shorts makes the pad almost unnoticeable when you’re off the bike."

    I'm guessing you don't use 'em with underwear.

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