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    BOB Ibex yoke/pivot point stiff?

    My BOB Ibex came last week. I followed all the directions and used a torque wrench with proper settings. The yoke's pivot point (the long vertical bolt were the hitch mounts to the trailer) is pretty stiff. It moves fine, but if you turn the trailer sideways (not attached to the bike) it "falls" really slow towards the ground.

    I'm not sure if this is normal, wrong, or just new?

    Also, the pivot point touches the mud flap on my fenders. Not a lot, but makes enough contact that the mud flap is pushed slightly in. Should I re-position the fender?
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    I think the stiffness you're seeing in the pivot point is normal. Mine is like that too. I think it helps to keep the trailer from moving around too much when you're riding.

    There is a "28" version of the yoke on the trailer that is available. It puts the trailer a bit farther away from the back of your bike to avoid fender contact. Do you know if you have the long version? Either way, I wouldn't worry much about it. The fender and pivot won't move much relative to each other. If anything, put some tape on the pivot to protect the paint.

    One bit of unsolicited advice. The fender that shipped with my Ibex is pretty useless. If you're going to be touring with the trailer, you'll probably want to rig up something that sits closer to the wheel.

    Have fun with it, I really like my Ibex.


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