I'm wondering what people think would be better. My touring bike at the minute is a Raleigh, with a 23" aluminium frame, 26" wheels and the whole touring shebang. I've always known steel is preferable to aluminium but it's a big offroad frame and was cheap. I've recently come across an old Muddyfox lugged frame which I intended to use as a fixie, but are considering using it for touring. There are a few bits off rust on this frame but generally it's in good condition. I would stick with the Raleigh frame, I've had it for over a year now and I quite like it, but the front fork annoys me. It's oversized steel, and when I say oversized I mean the tubing is like the thickness of suspension forks! Front racks are quite difficult to fit without some modding (and duct tape!)

Any advice, suggestions, general remarks are welcome!