Hi all,
I know lots of people ask about this and you're probably sick of it, but I'm going to anyways. And I posted it here because I realized I should probably ask those of you who know more about touring bikes…

I am 5'11" to 6', with an inseam of 33-34". My comfort hybrid (a Jamis Citizen) is a 21" frame with a stand-over height of about 32" (perhaps a fraction more) and fits great. Now I'm looking for a vintage sport touring bike and am wondering about sizing. One is appealing to me at the moment, seller says it is a 21" frame with a stand-over of just more than 31". Does this sound about right or a little too small? Just for more info, I don’t plan to do any loaded touring; it would be more for recreation, exercise, and simple day-trips anywhere from 25-100 miles.

I ask for a couple of reasons. I used a formula that I found through Google magic, and it seems the "right" size for me is 22". I hear that touring bikes are typically a little bit bigger, and road bikes nowadays get fitted a little bit smaller. And I read that the older "sport touring" bikes (which this one is) would get fitted like a road bike. So I'm a little confused and just wanted some general thoughts.

And yes, I know the classic answer is "go try it out and see if it fits," and that point is well-taken (it's really the best advice!). But it is a bit of a drive for me to get to this particular seller and I at least want to be sure it isn't far too small before committing to the drive. Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated!