although i havenīt got a reply from the guys at surly, iīm anxious to know which one would suit me better and since that my current bike is a mtb iīm not really sure how to calculate for LHT. therefore i hope that the experts on the board can give me a hand here.

some basic datas, i'm 5'7 and my inseam is about 79.5 mm.

here are 3 sizes(with 26" tires) that iīm considering, but am not sure as to which to go for. the first number is in inch and the second in millimetre

ST (C-T) TT (C-C) TT (Effec.) S.O. Height
46 cm 18.1 460.0 20.0 508.3 20.3 515.0 28.5 723.8
50 cm 19.7 500.0 20.7 525.1 20.9 530.0 29.8 756.9
52 cm 20.5 520.0 21.1 534.8 21.3 540.0 30.5 775.1

btw, iīm going to put on mustache handlebar in the future so i think the top tube should be shorter. or it donesīt matter that much?