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    Topeak Tourguide & Tourguide DX H-Bar Bags

    i've got the large 7.7 liter tourguide DX. this model has internal L-shaped
    steel supports that attach at the quick-release, then go down under the bag.
    nice. but just not up to rough laotian and cambodian "roads."

    they both snapped twice, had 'em rewelded, the second time welded some
    nails along the bracket for more support. that's fixed. as i'm sure you've read,
    the mounting bracket tends to slip down on the handlebars, even with the
    security cord. heavy-guage coated electrical wire solved that.

    zippers are dead, and can't find decent replacements, , so let's just get a new bag.

    i'm looking at the smaller 5.0 liter tourguide, which uses the same "fixer"
    handlebar mount. (smaller, lighter, can fit less stuff, so good so far.) but
    does the smaller model also have internal steel supports? [topeak has a
    fanny pack model that's hard plastic.] i've contacted customer service, they
    say it should have the same steel struts. "should...."

    does anyone have a topeak tourguide 5.0L (model TT3017B) and can confirm
    there are steel support brackets in there? (if you've never looked, inside the
    bag, against the back "wall" there are two small black zippers, allowing you to
    open the interior lining for access to the mounting bracket bolts.)


    in case you're wondering, the nearest retail shop with this bag is about 750
    kilometers away. i'm trying to contact mail order shops, but heck, my chinese
    is just horse-horse-tiger-tiger.
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