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    Touring in Asia Questions/Dog Questions

    Howdy Folks,

    I scoured the forums a bit looking for related topics, could not find them. If I missed them, sorry for a repost on a topic.

    I am planning a tour through Asia. I am wanting to ride through Mongolia and China. I want to reach Lhasa as one of my main destinations.

    My question is, am I fine getting just a regular hybrid bike, or are the roads in a condition that I MUST have a MTB.

    Also, does anyone have any experiences of bike touring with a dog through multiple countries?

    Thanks for your time.

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    0 Thread(s) has a section on traveling with pets, personally I like this blog:
    i think any bike will do, its just a matter of personal preference (comfort vs weight etc), but hauling all that extra gear for the dog is going to require a trailer (or perhaps a Big Dummy?)
    you might want to check up on the visas too, china and mongolia could be quite tricky especially with a dog, on top of that for Lhasa you need an extra permit for Tibet, I dont even know if you can get one as a cyclist, I only heard stories from people who did without (illegally) but apparently checkpoints have tightened (and a dog will surely catch some attention )
    best of luck!

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    you'll probably be fine with a hybrid, altho a mountain bike would be more
    comfortable. my opinion. but you might find getting spares difficult. not
    a problem in the cities, but in small towns and villages, standard seems to be
    26" tubes/tires....schrader. almost never see presta.

    llasa can be done, but it'll be expensive. you must go in a group, with special
    permits, accompanied by car and driver. it is possible to go as a group of one.
    lonely planet/thorntree tibet sub-forum will have more information.

    crossing borders with a dog? even if you have all the proper shot records,
    the critter may have to spend weeks/months in quarantine.
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