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    diario de bicicleta ( volcano, concert, more lakes, ferry, rain and argentina)

    hi every one
    the morning of the 9.12 was cloudy, i was up at 6:30 and was afrraid that that the climb to the volcano will be canceled, but it didnt.
    the cloud was just low clouds and the summit was sunny.
    volcano villarica is active and in the resent days it is possible to see red light above the summit at night. and from the summit it is possible to see the laba in the creator.
    after one day of orginizing send some stuff to bariloche i left pucon, this time riding with a parthner, an israely i met in pucon. first day was from pucon tp linca ray the shores of a beatifull lake.
    the next day we rode on a dirt rode sorroundind the lake from west. when i checked a small side roat i fount a stage on ahill above the lake serrounded by beatifull sites, with a statue of W.A. Mozart we set to eat lounch while a track with warkers arrives and told us thet in the following evening there is an anual concert there.
    we staied in the next town and went to the concert the following evening it is a great place to listen to Mozart and Beethoven on a pastoralic landscape.
    we rode one more day near pangipully lago near lake forests and volcanos (starting to be boring) to prk hauillo huillo where rhere are nice waterfalls.
    the last day we took a 3 h boat toward argentinian border crossed the border to argentina
    in the afternoon its started raining and didnt stop, further more we found out that the road go only up ( not like the map ), it was hardest day until now we finished it at 2030 wet cold and tiered at san martin de los andes .
    we will probably continue tomorow
    to be continue...
    San Martin De Los Andes, Argentina

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    sounds great any pictures, would be good...

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