i know this is a long shot but what the hell, i have nothing to lose. i'm a 40 yr old male currently residing in south florida. i'm planning a bike tour begining sometime in mid to late '05. i'm very flexible with scheduling. i plan to be on the road for at least 12-18 months. new zealand, australia, thailand, egypt, kenya, tanzania, argentina, chile, and cuba. nothing is set in stone, so i would be open to other locations as well. i've only done one other bike tour in my life, and that was from seattle to ft lauderdale, in the summer of '98. i did it with my girlfriend at the time and it was the coolest experience of my life. everything else pales by comparison. i'll take this trip solo if i have to, but i would much rather share the experience with someone. so, if you are as sick of the rat race, as i am, and want to start LIVING life, please contact me. my name is billy and i can be reached at