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    Touring with a Bianchi Strada LX?

    Would this bike be able to handle light touring?

    I'm thinking If I fit it with front and rear racks, spread out the load it could work kind of well. It has a pretty solid steel frame. I'm thinking about 50 lbs of gear in total.

    But I don't think thats what this bike is built for.

    I'd probably think of adding the following
    -700x28 tires to handle the extra load (its currently running on 25s) but I do have an extra set of 700x30 tires.
    -front & rear racks

    that is all!

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    I don't see why it wouldn't work OK. Not sure what gearing you have, but be sure it is low enough.

    BTW, 50 pounds of gear is not light touring by most standards. People are all over the place in their packing preferences, but... I would suggest shooting for 30 pounds counting panniers, but not food and water. If you wind up with over 40 pounds I would look long and hard at the list.

    It is possible to get below 15 pounds and still include camping and cooking gear, so 30-40 pounds shouldn't be to hard to get down to.

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    Just bring a credit line sufficient to fix things that may break.

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