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    New Tour: to the South Pole

    If they build the road, I won't be far behind!

    Well, I might not be far behind.... Anyway...

    The road:

    Sir Edmund speaks (as if going by snowmobile didn't outrage the old dogsledders??):

    This guy was going to *try* to beat me to the Pole, but he didn't make it:,1284,57212,00.html

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    I have fantasized about riding to the South Pole with an icebike for a long time. Roads? So boring. The problems with cycling to the Pole could be that the cold could freeze normal components, such as a bottom bracket. Extreme cold could conceivably freeze axle grease solid, make chains extremely brittle, and shatter rubber. Even during the Summer, temperatures can fluctuate wildly, relatively balmy during the day and deadly at night.
    Go big.

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