i planned a short track near volcano tronador
weather.com said it was going to rain in the afternoon the next day
tronador is one of the tollest volcans in the area and its has huge glaciars
the next day i took the bus to the trek start and started climbing
it was cloudy didnt see the summit
tronador is thoundor in spanish and it get the name from the sounds of breaking glaciars
and you could hear the glaciars breaking and even see it
in the afternoon its start raining
i arrived to the refugio which is built on the edge of the glaciar, i build my tent near to it
and set inside the refugio, met ther great people from argerntina usa holand and uruguai
and went to sleep
the night and the morning was very windy
at the morning i went to drink cofee in the refugio, when i got back my tent wasnt where i left him, very scary.
i walked after the signs it left sleeping bag, a bag and other untill i found it some 500 m from the original place, with some cuts from the rocks.
i returned to bariloche the same day, tried to fix it with silver tape
i want you all to know that "north face " dont have customer service they only publish address somewherein the us where i could send the tent, think about it before u buy north face u might need service out of the us.
i celebrated new year in bariloche and bought ticket for the cruise
its cost me 60$
3 laces crossing the first one nahual huapi, then frias, crossing the border to chile and lago todos los santos, its is very beatifull way with great views of 5 near volcanos.
i slept under volcano osorno, the morning was clear with no clouds (not common to this area)
i heard there is a cablecar that go high on the osorno to apoint with great viues
it was 1200 m climb to it begining, when i arrived a cloud was covering the osorno , its saved me 4000 pesos because there was no reason to take the cable.
the way doun was great, very fast i couls see the volcano clearing from far.
i am now in puerto varas planning to go south to chiloe
to be continued...
Puerto Varas, Chile