Hello, new guy here, I am thinking about a small solo tour and need help with the route. I want to ride from Lynnwood, north up and over Hwy 20 down through Winthrop, then south and come back west over Hwy 2 then back to Lynnwood. I have driven to Winthrop from Wenatchee 5 times probably and for the life of me cannot remember if there is a good sized shoulder or not or if it would be a safe ride. I do remember south of Twisp and Carlton that there is small to no shoulder?

Route south from Winthrop would be: hwy 20 to 153 to US 97 (not through Chelan?) until 97 turns into 2.

Does this sound like a safe/fun route?

Should I take 97 through Chelan or towards Wenatchee? is one better/safer?

Is there any camping between Carlton and Leavenworth? maybe Chelan?

I dont have all the logistics figured out yet, so as far as how much distance I can resonably cover and end up with somewhere to camp, get supplies/food and bike parts en route if needed is still on the drawing table, so pardon my ignorance. I am pretty familiar with the west side of the mountains, not the east side though and that is my area of concern.

Any help would be great!