My name is Bo Bissett. I am biking across the US. I started in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina and I am headed west to San Diego to see my step brother.

My wish is that I do not stop there, but continue the journey around the world many times over.

I am doing this to get into travel writing through my website ( or pick up a job with a magazine or other related print media. I have been teaching English overseas for the last 7 years and did not like my job. I have always enjoyed writing, traveling and meeting new people.

I am financing the trip by exchanging write-ups of locally owned restaurants, B&B's and outdoor adventure providers for food, accommodations and fun times. This builds my site, gets me along the way, and offers valuable advertising for the people I meet for a fraction of the normal cost. It also showcases places and activities that people that follow the blog did not know about.

I have run into a dry spell in Tennessee and Georgia with regards to finding B&B's. Now I am headed into Alabama.

Does anyone know a better route? I had been told to go north but I thought I would definitely hit no mans land up that way.

Any and all suggestions are more than appreciated.

Bo Bissett