Well I'm back from out trip on the GAP and C and O. Overall it was great, smooth, and easy. Pittsburgh was a little wild, and the C and O mudpath can use a little work, and cycling around DC was hairier with the cyclists than it was with the cars.
But, I realized during this trip that I was feeling a bit scrunched and probably do need a bigger frame.
When I bought our LHT's, they only offered 26's on frames up to 54. Because I'm 5'10 and lanky as hell, and I was really
convinced I should get 26's, I just ordered a 54 even though another dude at a well respected bike shop told be for sure
I belong on a 56. Well, now the LHT's come with 26's all the way up to 62 I think?
So, I guess the easiest thing to do would be get another frame and swap out the parts off mine.
But, before I pull the trigger on another Surly, I just thought I would ask if anyone has any ideas for steel frames with a more road and less expedition feel. I just want to explore all my options. Surly's are also extremely easy for me to get. Like in a couple of days kinda thing cause I'm about 45 minutes from Minneapolis.
Thanks for the time guys.