I recently learned about the World Cycle Racing Grand Tour (http://worldcycleracing.com). Eleven cyclists are touring/racing, self supported, around the world. They started in London on February 18, 2012 and have been at it for 101 days.

Each rider can pick his/her own route, but the rules say that they must start and finish at the same location, they have to travel in one general direction (i.e., east or west), the minimum distance ridden must be more than 18,000 miles (28,970 km), they must be self-supported, etc.

The (somewhat confusing) http://worldcycleracing.com website has links to live tracking where you can see where each rider is and how fast they’re traveling. The current leader, Mike Hall, has ridden 16,687 miles and is in Spain. (The live tracking is a little confusing, because it shows both their planned and actual routes.)

Brooks is one of the sponsors and has a saddle that celebrates the race.

This type of riding probably isn’t what most of us are dreaming about when we think about riding around the world, but my helmet is off to these folks!