Do you have any silly or interesting off-the-bike pictures from a tour? Maybe one with a story behind it or one that is just looks silly. A picture that is simply cool or maybe one that makes you smile.

Here's some of mine:

Just some fun with a Hay Bale

My friends and I found a lake with a mud bottom... and it got a little out of hand. lol

We were so happy to find a Walmart. We couldn't believe the store let us watch a movie in the electronics section. We pulled up chairs and bought some popcorn. They even let us use their microwave to pop it.

Finally, I lost a bet as to which of us could sprint to a town line first. In my defense I dropped a water bottle! So, I had to dye my mini-beard pink for the rest of the tour. This is bleaching the hair to start in the bathroom of a store.

Anyone have any weird/funny/cool off-the-bike pictures from a tour? Please share!