SO I ended up with this old Raeigh Super Record, and have been wrenching on it all summer. I converted it to 700c, the rear wheel is pretty wide(the rim itsef), it is 7 speed freewheel probably from an older hybrid. Crankset is a mid 90's 105 road triple Campy friction clamp on DT ****ers. Radom deraileurs. All in all the bke runs well and is easy to service. Its nice and peppy. I don't really wanna be in Chicago this winter, and am thinking of doing some cross country touring. I'm thinking of heading to New Orleans for Halloween and heading west from there. How would you guys o about carrying a load with this frame. It has no seatstay rack braze-ons, and I believe its a 1978 model. I also have to spread the dropouts a good bit tofit that rear wheel. So I'm not to keen on carrying a whole lot on the rear. Maybe one pannier, or two small ones. I used to own a two wheeled trailer, but I think a one wheeler would be better for touring. Is anyone els touring on a similar rig? I've never really toured before, besides a makeshift 150 mile trip on a single speed road bike, and a few centuries. Forgot to add that I just turned 20, and am confidant in my bility to push these gears loaded.