This is a cross post from the Eastern Can. community forum:

I noticed one reference to the Kingston & Pembroke trail on this forum but it didn't mention whether the poster had toured it. I found myself in Chenaux, Ont. this summer with Kingston as my destination, for a return to the U.S., a ride to Rome, NY and an intersection with the Erie Canalway to take me back in the direction of home in W. Mass.

I decided to follow the K&P trail for as much as I could between Renfrew and Kingston. South of Renfrew the area had suffered a microburst a couple of weeks before and I found the section near Calabogie only partially cleared of fallen trees. I had to abandon the last little bit before reaching Calabogie proper. I picked it up again south of there and followed it to where it emerges onto County Rd. 509 near Elphin. In fact I met a group of riders from the Almonte Bicycle Club when I emerged onto the pavement. If any of you guys read this, "I made it home and thanks for your good wishes."

South of that point the trail exists only in sections, but I followed every one that I could, some only to dead ends and consequent backtracking. When I reached Harrowsmith I was able to find a section of the Cataraqui Trail that brought me back onto the K & P and from there it's continuous into Kingston.

My question for the forum: is there anyone else out there who has done the entire length on a self-supported tour? I'd like to compare notes.