We are currently on a 6 week trip in europe and are enjoying our last couple of days in Italy by spending some time near Lake Como. We took the "via perlo" into Bellagio on a short ride this afternoon and I went back a bit later on to take some snaps (the road backs on to our hotel) as I thought it was just one of those roads that you go in search of, but rarely find. The road is only 2kms or so long but the cobbles made it a good challenge and somethong really different for us and for this tour. In between all the posts about the mechanics of bike building and touring, this is what can be found when you actually get on the road. Happy travels

The easy bit

The hard bit

This is an official marked road and there is even a helipad at the end of the hardest stretch of cobbles, where the rich and famous land and it is at that point where the road becomes a freshly laid pancake smooth tarmac affair.