This man

is a Korean Monk. Sunim speaks very little English and there are a few of us trying to get him across the country.

He will be staying with me in the next several days. He has already crossed Canada from BC and is headed back south west. His ultimate goal is to get to Argentina.

I have never done a TA nor have I bicycled through Mexico or Central and South America so figured I would come here for advice.

First we need to get him across the US.

This is his intended route. Another cyclist helped him with the route and so far I have had no input.

The route is not cast in stone and was picked based on least mileage (so I understand).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We are looking for:

Routing advice.
Ride alongs if he gets to your area.
Lodging if he is coming near your home.

My one concern is his crossing at Tijuana. Seems to me like this is not a good place to cross. Are there better places?

I am also concerned for his safety in Mexico, Central America and Columbia. I know others have done it but I am guessing most have some street smarts about them helping to keep them out of trouble. I would imagine a Korean monk doesn't get much practice in those skills though crossing the US I imagine he will have amble opportunity to hone those skills. Need I be concerned?

BTW He also speaks some Spainish from what I understand.