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    East to West Cross Country Route in the Spring

    Hi All,

    I have the fortunate circumstance of a long break in work beginning in early April next year, and I'm planning to take that opportunity to adventure across the country. I've looked into ACA maps and tentatively plan to follow the Trans Am to Western Express to Cedar City, CO, then south on the Grand Canyon Connector to the Southern Tier, where I'll head up the coast of California and finish in a high school pal's new hometown, Los Angelas.

    My question is what's the earliest I can leave from DC so that I won't freeze up in the mountains or plains? I plan on going about 65 miles/day or taking about 2 months, and I have some wiggle room on the timeframe. Is that portion of the western express too wintry in May? I will be camping some but have nothing against seeking out hotels if its the nights I'll have to worry about. Thanks for the help.

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    Last frost dates by city should be a good guide.

    Just be prepared for potential cold rain and a sure fire way to get yourself dry after a day of riding. Your time period sounds good to me.

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    Cold Rain???
    Where you from? Florida?
    There is a very good chance of snow -
    Plus there will still be a good deal of snow on the ground still.
    And there will be very few facilities open - esp. camping.

    Cutting down from La Junta to Walsenburg into New Mexico -
    Then following heading via Four Corners to Grand Canyon makes more sense.
    Even then, the San Juan Mountains will be tricky.

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