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    Journal of 3 day ride on New Zealand's Otago Rail Trail

    In December, 2012, my wife (a non-bike tourist) and I rode a tandem on New Zealand's Otago Rail Trail. It runs for 90 miles between Clyde and Middlemarch in the south-central part of the South Island. While the usual time frame for riding the trail is 4 days (a fit bike tourist could easily do it in 2, if the wind wasn't blowing hard in the wrong direction), we decided to cut it down to 3 days.

    We went along rivers,

    through gorges,

    past innumerable sheep, cows, and deer,

    over bridges and viaducts,

    and even saw a pretty sunset.

    If you ever get a chance to do this ride, I'd highly recommend it. Here is my journal of the trip.
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    That looks like a great trip to do in NZ. The little cabins look nice, and the countryside is beautiful. If I ever make it to NZ, that looks like a short trip I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing the link to your journal.
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