I got a LLBean Cafe8 as a spare bike to leave at my sisters place. While not marketed, or geared, as a touring bike I want to bring it to folks attention as an excellent bike for loads and if on sale a worthwhile consideration for a do everything utility/touring bike if you don't mind upright bars and adding a front derailleur and inner chainring. I have the stock stem all the way down which still puts the bars 1" above the seat, I'll be looking for a different one for more reach and drop.
For a "19" frame it has 19.5" chainstays and 45.5" wheelbase.
It kind of reminds me of my 1967 Schwinn 5spd. but 15lbs less.

The conversations about old mtn bikes and always looking for long enough chain stays made me think of it. Can't beat 19.5" for heel clearence. looks like max tire size of 38mm with fenders. Good handling.