Weirdly recently diagnosed with Thyroid cancer (98% survival rate). Thyroid glands now removed, but likely next treatment step is me taking a radio-active iodine pill possibly in February. This will leave me 'radio-active' for a week or so. I really don't want to stay at home and expose my wife, girls and dogs to radioactivity. So, I'm thinking I'll drive south from Chicago to a warmer climate where I can take 5 days to camp and ride. Maybe even a short circular tour (returning back to the car). Just curious if anyone here has any experience with good camping options in a warm area in February. Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana?

Seems like a great way to make a positive out of this 'c-situation' without exposing anyone to my 'extreme' energy level. Just wondering how fast I'll be able to ride? Or, if I'll even have any energy to ride. Still, I'm down for camping and 10 miles riding a day.