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    Surly Troll vs On-One Inbred for on/off road touring


    I'm hesitating between two frames for loaded touring.

    Goal: riding on the road for 50% of the time (cross France and Spain) then have fun in Moroccan and Algerian back-country gravel/worn out roads, probably having a look at the Sahara.

    Setup: Derailleur, 100 or 120mm suspended or suspension-corrected fork (yet to decide), bob trailer+panniers (to accomodate for extra water and reasonable handling off-road). 26" wheels, 2 sets of tires: 1,5" slicks for on-road, larger all-road for offroad.

    The contenders are the Surly Troll and On-One Inbred.
    I might like the geometry of the Inbred better. But I'm concerned about mounting BB7 brakes (180mm needed, but sufficient to fix the clearance issue?) and rear rack mounting (good? sturdy? rack clearance with BB7?). Like the vertical drop-out version (no need for horizontal dropouts, and vertical ones seem more sturdy).

    The Troll offers additonal Cantilever posts (if BB7 happened to fail), some more tire clearance, seems better designed for load handling (as all Surly) but how much is that relevant... Seems also that the Troll offers "special" studs to attach the Bob??? Yet, unneccessary horizontal/multi-purpose dropouts. And 2-3 times more expensive in France >_<.

    What I'm concerned most: are the Inbred reliably built and sturdy enough?
    Then: is one more vibration dampening than the other?
    I must have missed a few things, don't hesitate to point them.

    Thank you,
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