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    Canada-USA crossing next march

    Hi guys and girls
    This coming June-July i am planning on flying to canada and crossing NW to SE. Cycling until it gets too cold and then using a working holiday visa to winter over.
    So far so good, however i had planned on starting up again when things have warmed up a bit more in April 2014, and i have been issued a US visitors visa which expires at the start of march 2014.

    My plans once in the USA were to cross over the border on the east coast, get on the bikecentennial route and cycle west, then travel down the pacific coast - eventually crossing into Mexico and continuing south.

    So now im wondering what sort of weather conditions i can expect during the end of Feb/start of march and what sort of routes will be possible.
    This is part of a canada to chile trip taking about 2 years, so i have some good gear together. Depending on where i end up working i may have to catch a bus to the border with time and weather constraints. Which is a pain, but i suppose i can live with it.

    For the USA section i had planned on roughly 5 months, about 3 months east to west, then 2 months to mexico. This is an estimation i have made from reading other peoples accounts online. Does this time frame sound about right?

    Gearwise i have good quality merino layers (socks, longjohns, underwear, T shirts, longsleeve shirt, balaclava and glove liners)
    Goretex pants, jacket and gloves.
    coleman cobra II tent
    macpac pinnacle down bag (down only on top, i usually sleep warm but i am concerned it may be too light weight. But i will also be bringing a silk liner, thermarest and a goretex bivy bag. Which i think when coupled with my merino layers should keep me warm enough in nearly any condition)

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    i wish you good luck.

    in '95 i left Bar Harbor Maine (the mid point of my trip) at the beginning of June, i think. was in the self proclaimed "recumbent bicycling capital of the world" Stevens Point Wisconsin on July 4 and in the Anacortes Islands at the beginning of August. i finished where i started (about nine months later) in San Francisco in about the middle of August. weather couldn't have been better all the way from Bar Harbor to San Francisco. winds, for the most part, were favorable too.

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    Well on the PNW Coast we say 'Summer breaks out after july 5th'.

    The Columbia River kept cutting through the Cascades as they Rose,
    most other routes have to go up and over them..

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