This is a very preliminary comment about the above shoes. I wanted a pair of Mountain Bike shoes that were a little higher cut then typical and I have wide feet. When touring and I have to walk around the campsite its nice to have a good pair of shoes that I can walk in. Buying bike shoes has been a problem for ever, due to wider feet. I found these at a retailer who has free return shipping and decided to give them a try. I put them on and right out of the box I was surprised at how they didn't feel narrow or tight. My right foot seems a little wider than the left and it does feel slightly tight but I typically wear them in the house for extended time with heavy socks to stretch them out. I am doing that now and have noticed they are not uncomfortable. I have a pair of replacement insoles coming also. Last year I bought a pair of Shimano SH-MT 33L and those were narrower then these, but they look almost the same. They still need stretching but on short rides they work great because they have a lot of support which for me is important. Like I said this is all very preliminary because I have not been on the bike yet, but I do know others who may find this information useful who may be looking for mountain bike shoes that are a little higher than normal. I paid $115 for these price included shipping and return shipping if needed.