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    Christmas Wishlist Help!

    Hi all,

    I'm finally in a position to spend a bit of money this Christmas!

    And so, I've gotten together a list of things related to my touring bike and tour-cycling in general, that I'd like to purchase. But, I'd like the community's input on my list of items, and overall feedback and recommendations. My budget is around $300 - subject to change!

    Bike Parts

    • Saddle - Brooks B17 (Can anyone recommend anything else? I'm also looking at a PlanetBike A.R.S from MEC).
    • Handlebar Bag - Roswheel from Ebay... It was simplistic and small, I'm not looking to hold too much. But am open to alternative suggestions.
    • Cycling Mirror - I'm really at a loss for this one, there are so many. Really, I'd like to have one that's handlebar-attachable rather than a helmet-mounted one. Thus allowing me to remain focused on the road and not worried about my helmet-mirror.


    • Undershorts - UnderArmour type-stuff, seen as I've opted not to buy cycling shorts, at least not now. May do in future.
    • Athletic T-shirts - again, AthleticWorks & UA stuff, wicking material, as I've again opted not to go for a cycling jersey - although I might buy one.
    • Waterproof Cycling Jacket - This is where I'll splash the cash and buy something good and purpose-manufactured - recommendations please!
    • Waterproof Trousers - Not looking for anything off-the-scale in terms of price, but I would like something that'll keep me legs and pocketed-items dry during the highly-likely event that Jesus decides to rain on my Parade.
    • Cycling Gloves - unsure as to brand, what to look for. Ideally I'd like something that's got a removable capability with the finger holes, and possibly a mitten attachment.
    • Cycling Shoes - For the moment I'm using clipless pedals, and so cycling shoes seem fairly redundant and pointless. But I'd like some shoes with a good rigid sole, but breatheability as well - running shoes perhaps?


    • Tent/Hammock - Which one?! What I'm looking for is: Easy to pitch, waterproof, single-person, light... And middle-of-the-pack price-range.
    • Sleeping Bags - Not going to be travelling in weather's that bloody freezing, so cold-weather protection isn't top of my list. Nor am I expecting to have a racy one-night-stand with a fellow cyclist So... Recommendations!


    • Bike multi-tool - I'm a fairly basic mechanic when it comes to bikes, so, I've gone with the Roswheel 14 in 1 from Ebay, but other recommendations are welcome.
    • Phone/GPS mount - Again, Ebay and again, Roswheel - this time the "Roswheel Frame Pannier".
    • Bike Pump - Topeak Pocket Rocket had some great Amazon reviews, so I put it on my wishlist. Any other recommendations?

    I should note that recommendations and experiences with above listed items are welcome and appreciated.

    Thanks to all,

    My cycle-touring website:

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    I have this^ mirror, and I'm a big fan. The mirror itself is pretty big and easy to glance at, and the attachment and stem are both super easy to adjust but stays where I put it while riding (though it does sometimes get bumped out of adjustment when I leave it locked on a bike rack... it's an easy fix).

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    For the saddle, I've been delighted with the Selle Anatomica. On sale right now for $99.

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